Okay at the risk of ridicule I am going to ask this. I've found Yamaha Blue matched paint to touch up the frame and such as needed. Does anybody know of a source for matched paint for the engine. The clucth and stator cover are definately gonna need some touching up from time to time. I know its a dirt bike, but nothing wrong with it looking good on the trailer to the trail :)

Oh ya you got to keep them lookin good, when I get through with mine it will be a show peice. What I do is as soon as the grey paint gets looking bad on the cases I take the rest off with paint remover then I buff them till they shine like chrome. Its actually more pratical cause when they get dirty or scuffed I just use a little Mothers Mag wheel polish and they look like new again.

You able to post any pix of that?

Yamageek, If you can bring a piece of the motor to an auto body paint supplyer, they should be able to come close.

Gottaroost here is a picture of a highly polished. Came from a post somewhere in TT. Apologies ahead of time to whomever posted it for using it here. Looks trick. Notice the swingarm!

Buffed Parts

Thanks for the input guys... looks like the answer for me is taking a part to paint shop and have it matched. Problem is how to apply it without a paint gun?


Impressive & looks great.

tctrailrider - It's not mine, but I agree it looks sweet. A lot of work went into that. Even the water pump guard looks polished.

I bought a new 426 last month. Middle of winter, put it in the basement, tore it apart and did all the free mods plus James Now etc.. Lubed the suspension and steering head etc. etc. etc.. I was looking at it last night and couldn't figure out anything more to do to it, until now. Off to the basement. By the way the steering head bearings on my bike had very little grease. The only reason I checked was boredom, but glad I did. Don't assume your suspension is good for the first year.

looks like the answer for me is taking a part to paint shop and have it matched. Problem is how to apply it without a paint gun?

The same auto paint store should have a product called the Pre-val Sprayer. It's basically a glass jar that has an aerosol "powerlet" screwed on top of it. You put the paint in the jar and the thing works like a spray bomb. You might also find these sprayers at big marinas or boat yards as the glass guys use them for gel-coat touch-ups.

Peace Eh - P.Z.

any idea on how to buff the parts to look that good. That swingarm looks great.

If its pretty smooth I use a cloth buffing wheel on an electric motor with buffing compound, which you can get at a Home Depot or Lowes. If its rough like the rear shock reservior that I just did, I sand it first starting heavy grit then lighter grit until its smooth with no heavy scratchs then buff your heart out.

The bike you pasted is Wyatt's. He maybe could tell you the details on how he did it. I know he used alot of elbow grease on it though.

What did you coat it with to prevent the aluminum from corroding? Do you have to polish it frequently to maintain the shine?

If its aluminum it stays shiny for a long time, ever once in a while I polish things with mag wheel polish. If its magnisism like the side cases they lose their shine after just a couple of washs. You can keep polishing them with the mag wheel stuff, buff them with extra fine steel wool for more of a low luster type finish, or just let them lose their shine and they actually match the rest of the motor pretty well.

I like the polished look. Thanx for pix and idears. Also Harbor Freight sells a small aluminum bottle that you can dump in your own paint and pressurize it yourself off your own air compressor. They are always sending me bulletins with this item on sale for about 8 bucks.

body shop it

body shop it

way to bring an old post back from the dead:bonk:

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