Is this as crazy as it seems?

Ok, I have bought an 01 YZ 250 as a back up for my wr 400 and it needed a bottom end bearing and 3 inlet valves

I checked a heap of stuff and decided to order the 08 rod, crank pin, and bearing.... am putting the 08 piston in...

The mechanic told me the crank pin is thicker...and bearing bigger, but rod the same length

now, i know the 01 YZ had bottom end issues so i was thinking of these two options, replacing the crank with 08 one, but that will not fit due to different sizes in the magneto, so is it possible or madness to consider having the crank pin machined at either end to fit the 01 crank lobes...only machining it as far as it would be pressed together, leaving the part where the bearing is and giving me the stronger bottom end.....

Genuis or madman?

Why not just go with an upgraded bottom and top end from aftermarket?

Falicon, Weisco, RPM, etc.

I import genuine jap parts so i only use genuine stuff cause its cheap...

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