wr 450

picked up my 450 also my first yamaha installed 215 jet, modfid the box, removed stop in carb runs strong now and ready to race.

Hi: I am still trying to get all these numbers straight on what is a new carb for me. Which jet is a 215 jet needle refering to, I know its not the main or the pilot or I dont think the starter jet either. Is it an alternet needle? Why did you choose it and what is your altitude that requires it. Tim

The 215 is the main jet and I'M about 1000ft to get this jet to work pull your restricter out of the muffler and unplug your air box, mine was profesionally sat up for me and it cost me about $140.00

do you have an airfilter hooked directly to your carb?


215 jet


Damn! I mean Damn!!! :D

Hi: See, thats what I mean. Never heard of a Kehien Carb. that took a 215 main jet. Course I am surley no expert myself, but the main jet is usually the easiest one to dial in. My bike came with a manual and an extra pilot and main jet and I went to the corner shop and went up one more jet size to a 158, our altitude is 3500. Most people are using 155 158 or 160 or a few 165s but no 215s. That would be a gas guzzlin dude. Tim

Tim what have you done to your bike sofar, maybe I can help you and tell what I have done to mine.

I had the restrictor removed from the air box and the pipe.

Hi LUV: Your pullin my leg right. Its either that or someones pullin yours. Go to page 7-8 in the service manual and you will see that a 215 mainjet is not even in the ballpark for a WR450. Thanks for the offer of help, but bike is runnin great. I was just hearing some odd numbers that didnt figure up and a quick look at the manual enlightened me. Tim

Tim, nobodys pulling nobodys leg. My bike has a 215 jet with throttle stop out, snorkle out and it screams. If your going to go by the manual you will be riding a pig. The fastest way to tell if your jet is right is run your bike down the road about two miles real fast. Kill it before it reaches idle and then pull the plug. If it is brown its what you want. You should do this in the summer and winter. Black plugs mean carbon build up over time. My bike has no hestitation and no bogs. The only problem I have is keeping the front wheel on the ground. Good luck to you. Steve

Wheres Taffy when ya need him?

Not here.

A 60 is about stock and has an opening about like this " . " A 215 would have an opening about like " O ". Now are we talking main jets here or what jet?

I think someone is confused here. A 215 jet would have an opening the size of a sewer pipe.

I agree with Endurodog and Beezer...215 is huge! Are you sure it's a 215 and not a 152? We are talking about main jets, right?

And the saga/controversy/continues. I have a 155MJ (160 is on back order),48PJ, snorkle removed, grey wire mod and my happy arse is headin for Florida for the first GNCC in Palatka. I am not touching another thing. I've spent more time in the carb than I have on the seat. It's time to ride!!! Can any Mullet out there say "HELL YEH"?!

I don't buy jets. I use a numbered drill set and a micrometer. I have better things to do than wait for a pimply faced teenager to get his finger out of his nose and look up a jet that I know is out of stock.

My garage is nice and peaceful, it helps me hold on to what little sanity I have left.

By the way a #77 drill equals a #48 pilot and a 1/16 drill equals a #160 main jet.



215 sounds more like a MAJ.

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