wr 450

Luv: If you would like to compare results whats your tscec#. Since you know I am gonna be there you already know mine. I ride in the super senior C class (slow old mans class). How about you. If you ride these events you know that you can compare results between classes. By the way I guess you know you are shouting when you type something in all capital letters. Tim


Hi Luv. I take it you wont be there. Too bad these are tough but fun events. Getting involved with a local organization is also a good way to ask questions and get good information. Tim

215???? thats nothing. My brothers friends cusins aunts son put a 370 main jet and a an 82 pilot jet. :) That thing ripps. I cant touch it. Mind you it only gets 6 miles per gal. :D

I thing that guy lives down the street from my sisters step sons girlfriend.

Tim I plan to be there but thats not my normal circut. I ride bjec but look forward to riding in Teaxs what row are you on because thats the same class I ride looking forward to meet you. steve.

Tim, When the two of you meet pop the bowl and let us know. I'm betting Main Air Jet if anything. :)

Cool. A death match between two old guys. Seriously though I dont know what my row is yet cause I just sent in my entry Monday. Wish I did because 3 of us sent our entries in together for the same rowso there would be one place left on the row for you. I will let you know what row as soon as I find out so maybe that 4th spot will still be open if you have ent allready signed up for a row. We dont usually preenter but just drive down the day before and pay the extra 5 dollars for late entry incase it rains or someone cant go. By the way where is the BJEC circuit. Tim

Tim bjec is in ARK. and we ride in one national in may at MO. thats pretty cool to ride with big boys sometimes you get to watch them go by two are three times. We go south to munster TX. you can look it up on google it's not bad, I also race Oklahoma cross country racing association occra.com

Anybody else feel like their watching "Crank yankers"or whatever that show is called?

Hey Steve were neighbors. I've ridden at Muenster and at the Crosstimbers site in OKC but never in the enduro. Have just done a couple of enduros a year for the last few years.But gonna try to do the whole circuit this year. I have been riding for almost 40 years and never been seriously hurt so I must be pretty slow and carefull. But I'm not the toughest old guy either so maybe a death match isnt such a good idea after all LOL. Speaking of old tough guys we rode at Cloud Croft enduro last year with a guy that was 63 years old and had a broken wrist. When we parked beside him he asked if we could help him unload his bike. His bike was a 2001 CR250 with a Revlock clutch. He finished and did pretty good. By the way my scooter is uncorked. Took delivery Feb. 5th and did the breakin and uncorked the next day. Yeah, its amazing. This will be my first enduro on it and cant wait. Have been on a YZ250 with a pipe and flywheel weights. But before that it was a long string of big XRs so I feel the WR is going to be the bees knees. Tim

It's a 215 becuase he failed to tell us that the shop installed his new Holly 850 double pumper carb to fully utilize the new Ti muffler bearing kit. He needed all that fuel to match the killer air flow from the "modfid" box and bearing kit which feeds into the race ready butt plug of the stock exhaust.

I for one I am happy to see someone take those radical jetting chances I have been to afraid to try! :)

Hey Steve were neighbors. I've ridden at Muenster and at the Crosstimbers site in OKC but never in the enduro

You missed a interesting one at Crosstimbers this year. Mud, rain, and more mud!!!!

luv2, Eyeglasses are always helpful when buying and installing new jets. Next time you open your carb, check out that 152 MJ. I run a 158, with 48 PJ, air-snorkel and exhaust baffle out, 5th clip position on needle, and I am borderline rich....

Tim, I have rode with luv and he's fast, even on a 250klx, Made me feel bad on my YZ400F. I think the tighter the woods the faster he goes. He has no trouble with rocks either (my downfall). I guess that Gas Gas paid off. With some seat time on the Yamaha He will be REALLY fast. Good luck and lets have some fun riding.

Alabama thats your bike not mine not all bikes are equal nor all pepole, my main jet is a Keihin hex 220 part no 428256 open your mind it want hurt nothing to be sacred about.

ENDO the just canceled are cross country race for sunday to much snow I guess. I was plannig on riding my old bike wasn,t ready to break the new one in that stuff. sometimes we have are trials up at munster with some of the texas guys, lots fun do you know how to get a member ship there.

G-MAN if get bored with yz-250 I would like to ride it in cross country race one time it;s be a long time sence I rode a 2 stroke.

No I'm not sure I live in Colorado and just race the TSCEC High Plains races, most of them anyway. So I just come into town for races and leave right away.

Hi steve: Well you got some support in the grudge match anyway. I probly should concede. I am just happy that I finish. I hope those guys laying out the course get enough good weather to finish it up. Tim

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