"Can a KTM outjump a XR?" -- From a Honda guy

A buddy of mine emailed me a picture of a XR outjumping a KTM. Those Honda guys...never giving credit where credit is due!

See for yourselves... CLICK HERE!!

:):D :D :D

That landing must have hurt.

Depends on who is riding what. But that picture is fake (photoshop).

Yes, it was a fake before I got to it. :) I love Photoshop!

Ya, using adobe I can out jump a KTM and an XR on my 03 1800 Honda VTX retro no hander no footer lander!!!!!

Ok back to reality

yeah the honda can out jump a ktm but did you see that blue thing at the top of the page? :):D

You did a good job, I thought the kid was a loony bird on the XR.

Ya got me! :)


XR....KTM...XR....KTM, If you throw a close look to the pic, The Yam outflies both of them anyway :D:)

Is this the pigs can fly thread? :)


XR's can't out jump a grass hopper.

Having owned one......I would not want to be aboard that XR when it touched down.

Are we talking with or without a pilot! :D:)

Nice Photoshope work :)........

Depending upon who is on top, any bike can out jump another.


Dodger :D :D

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