04 WR450 - Frame Compatibility

Hey Guys,

Just purchased an 04 WR450 with a damaged frame. I am looking to replace it.

I have done a search and came back with nothing concrete.

New To Yamaha's and to this forum but not to bikes.

Am I Limited to an 03-05 WR450 Frame? or is there other compatible models ie: the older 426? or the smaller 250?

My 450 has the oil Resi that is built into the frame.

I have also been told about a Husqvarna Frame this is compatible as well? I don't quite believe it but if anyone has comments please let me know.

Any info that anyone can provide will be greatly apreciated.


I just did a cross-reference, part number to model year, using Yamaha Parts software. The 2004 WR450F Frame, Part Number 5TJ-21101-50-00 was used on the 2004 WR450 model only. The price is $1,210.00 (US dollars). This surprises, me. I would have thought that the frames from 2003-2006 were the same--- apparently not so. I will check some other parts catalogs to double check.

The 2003WR450 Frame Part Number is 5TJ-21101-00-00. The 2005-2006 WR450 Frame Part Number is 5TJ-21101-80-00. The 2005 - 2006 WR's had a different Swing Arm from the 2003 -2004- WR's. I am not aware of any change between the 2003 and 2004 WR's that accounts for the frame number change. Rest assured however, if the change the part number there is a change to the part. You can find the frame with a little searching for under $1,200 (US dollars) new. I hope that you got a real bargain when you bought the bike. Check Ebay, Craigs List, etc..

Thanks for the heads up!

I did get a smokin deal on it! But It looks like it is going to be a little harder to piece together than I had expected.

Thanks for your help.

So I guess in the same breath

If there is anyone out there parting out an 03/04 (04 Especially) Let me know! I would love to take the frame off your hands!


I have an 04 yz450f frame thats powder coated black that I can sell you. It's the same as the WR frame. I even have the title to go with it

Let em know

The part number for a 2004 YZ450F frame is 5XD-21101-00-00. The part number for a 2004 WR450F frame is 5TJ-21101-50-00. The first three positions of the part number denote the model of motorcycle. The remaining numbers are the ones to consider, if you are looking for compatibility.

As I said earlier, if Yamaha changed the part number, they did it because there was a change to the part. It could be as minor as a different color paint to as major as type of metal, additional parts added, thicker material or different dimensions. But, rest assured, the parts are different in some fashion. I suggest that you have a serious discussion with your Yamaha dealer or a mechanic you trust, before you purchase a replacement frame for your motorcycle.

Canadian motard, these are words to live by, "due diligence on any purchase".

This all really great info! Thanks guys!

So I guess where I am at right now is trying to track down a WR frame of the same year.

Can anyone tell me if my components will also work with a WR 426 Frame?

I have been told the engine casting is the same so the engine will fit, but what about everything else?

I have found a 426 frame locally and would be interested as long as my components will transfer will little or no trouble?

Anyone out there know if this is possible?

Thanks again for all the input!


Hey BajaFool,

Just wanted to confirm what you are sayin about the model #'s?

So those first 3 letters/numbers only are specific to the bike it was built for?

If this is true, then the frame between the WR250 and the WR450 for 2004 are the exact same?

Just checked a yamaha parts fiche: 04 WR450 Frame part # XXX-21201-50-00

and the same for the WR250 obviosly the first 3 digits are the different.

Can you confirm the 3 first digits are only the model and should not effect compatibility?

If so I may have a better chance at finding a frame.

Thanks again,


Canadian motard,

What you state is my understanding of the part numbering system that Yamaha utilizes. Quick check with your Yamaha dealer is the gold standard for confirmation of this information.

However, you can also look at page 8, paragraphs I, II and III of this link and read about "HOW TO READ THE YAMAHA PART NUMBER". cyclehippie.com/Documents/How_to_Read_a_Part_Number.pdf I can't find a list of modern motorcycle model codes to go with the formation in the above link. However, I am confident that what I have told you is correct.

If you are going to use all the '04 parts (motor, swingarm, etc.) then your only choice is an 03 or 04 frame. 426 frame will not fit. 05\06 had some significant changes in the motor and the swingarm. Not saying that you couldn't make it fit but if you're looking for a straight swap 03/04 is what you need.

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Is there a reason you are not going to eBay to find one?

Regardless of the part number differences, which for the most part reflect minor changes in these models, the frames are essentially interchangeable from the '03 WR450 model through the '06 WR450.  YZ's will have distinctly different mounting hard points for the sub frame, skid plate, and other components, and they lack a kick stand bracket.

Hello, I'm just curious to see if you found a frame for your wr? I need a motor for the same bike and figured I'd see if you still don't have a frame and if you want to sell yours.

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