Pro Taper

Can anyone tell me what bend Pro-Taper bars Yamaha used on the 2006 YZ 450?

I believe it was the henry/reed bend.

I believe it was the henry/reed bend.
Nope, it was a proprietary bend marked as XC90. It has a rise of about 74mm for comparison. Way too low.

Crappy Bend?

Hardly know anyone who actually uses the stock bend

Hey Gray,

I am running the Windam(protaper) bars on my 06. I was noticing how flat Stewarts and Hill's bars are, compared to mine. I know they are running the T2 TAG bars now. I would like to keep the height, but maybe get a flatter bar. What is your opinion? I was also thinking of getting a taller seat. My goal was trying different postions. I am having problems with my hands going numb.

Flat? They way I have the Windham's on my bike set up, they are absolutely flat across the top when viewed from either the front or the side. I'm very fond of the Windham bend, because it is not only fairly tall, it puts my hands farther forward, too.

Hand numbness/tingling is akin to arm pump, in that it is caused by excessive periods of muscle tension interspersed with insufficient periods of muscle relaxation. Concentrate on maximizing the amount of time you relax your arms and hands, and this will help a great deal.

i also have windham bends on my 09 i love them i use to have them rolled forward but now i find having them rolled back alittle bit help a lot with handleing and my poisition as i am 6,4 and also suffer from hand pains

One bend that might interest you is the KTM/Suzuki bend. The shape is very similar to the 2006 yzf450 oem bend, but they are much higher. Very little pullback compared to the other bends.

I don't race MX and track times and low positions arent important to me as i do street/trail riding. I use the Pastrana FMX bend. they rise 4 inches.. they are SO comfortable.. and my hands have yet to go numb yet. I love em.

I really want thank everyone for your opinions. I might try that KTM/Suzuki bend if indeed has less pullback. Thats what I was asking ( sorry if I didn't make it clear, by saying flat) and I will also try to bring my bars back too.

Has anyone tried this with a tall seat? I am 5'10. I heard of one person with a set up like this and said they had more control. Any second opinions?

The Windham is 99 high with only 54 mm pullback. Most bars have around 56, and the CR bends are around 59.

The Suz/KTM bend does in fact have very little pullback at 47mm, but it's only 92 high, about like the Henry bend, and I don't think that you'll like that part of it.

Damn Grey, You are full of alot of information.Lol. Maybe I will just roll mine back a bit. How about that seat height? Thanks in advance for all your advise.

Raising the seat would have the effect of lowering the bar position relative to the rider while seated, without changing the position while standing. It also makes it easier to rise from the saddle, particularly wen tired, and some really like it. I don't know that it would affect your issue with your hands, though.

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