metal oil filter

I just purchased a '05 YZ450(sold 05 WR450) and the owner tells me it has a metal oil filter that can be cleaned.I did searches and few guys use the metal one.My WR used paper/genuine filter and I stuck to that, also didn't do one valve adjustment in 3 years.I did find in the searches I did a few "for" and a few "against".Anyone use it for a few years with no reliability issues?

The oil filters work great.

If the metal mesh appear to be bronze (vaguely gold in color), discard it. That would be an old 426 OEM type, and they don't filter very well.

If it appears to be stainless, it may be a Scotts, which is the original stainless mesh oil filter, and still the best of them. I use Scotts oil filters exclusively.


Thanks for the replies guys. Gee grayracer, very informative info on filters.

I am an auto mechanic and was hoping for a technical answer and you have made my wish come true! Thanks.I will use the metal one with confidence(just still need to check if not the bronze one you spoke of).

I personally can vouch for the Scotts filter. On my previous bike, I chewed up 3rd and 4th gear ice racing. Massive amounts of metal came off the gears and the Scotts filter stopped everything that could cause damage. When I took it apart, the filter was about 1/2 plugged but the rest of the motor was fine. Best $70.00 I've spent in a long time (well, that and my Maxbrake proportional brake controller on my truck, but thats a different story).

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