YZ426 2002 recommendations for maintenance

Hi again. After having a bit of a panic moment recently (discussed in last post) I think its about time to treat my bike to a service. I bought it in november and since then i have changed the oil twice, the air filter once, put on some pro taper fat bars, changed front/back sprockets (with o ring chain), replaced discs/pads all round and put on some new tyres. As i don't know how often (if at all) the previous owner has serviced the engine i think it could do with a looking at. I dont know very much about engines so don't know where to look first. I've bought a clymer manual and it baffles me on where to start and whats actually worth looking at. Big question i know but any ideas anyone???????? :thumbsup:

Start by stepping up your air filter maintenance. You should clean and re-oil it every ride day in a dusty environment or every other in any case.

Oil changes should be done each third ride IF you are using an oil with a proven ability to retain its viscosity when used in a gearbox. If you're using a low cost automotive oil, this attribute is more than likely missing, and you should change it every ride day, two hours max, until you can have a used sample tested. Never do an oil change without putting a clean filter back in. (I use a Scotts, so that costs nothing extra to do).

Beyond that, check the valve clearance once a month, and focus your maintenance energies on the chassis (steering head, swing arm, linkage, chain, tires)

good imfo.

I am thinking about having my frame sprayed as its the tattiest looking part of the bike, so i was intending on changing steering/swinging arm etc bearings then. They seem to be in good condition but i think i would regret not doing them. Once again thankyou grayracer513 for your wisdom

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