Sweet tunes......

I'm sure a lot of you have seen the new mp3 player avialable for your helmet. It hold 2 hours worth of music.

This is what I have been waiting for!!!

Only problem is, it looks like if you land on the back of your lid the thing will be history.

what do you guys think??


eh, i would buy a normal one and put it inside my camal back. then atleast it has some padding. would be cool though. then i would not have to sing to my self.

No price on them yet huh.

Dodger :):D

Dirt Rider says they are $189

200 bucks to listen to tunes while riding :D:D:):D

What we playing Top Gun here or something



Geez thats alot of bucks to lay down for tunes in yer head, cant ya just humm it and put that moola into engine or susepnsion works :D

I don't know if I can't multitask or what. I tried listening to tunes inside my helmet on the street and turned into an instant moron. I seemed to lose focus rapidly. I would be wrapped around a tree in the first corner.

The strange thing is that I can talk on a cell phone, take notes, eat and drive with my knees in a car all at the same time. Make me do something else while riding the bike and I'm hamburger. Maybe I should just mount some speakers on the rear fender that may just be the ticket :)


hey, its been working for pastrana...

BLADE 275;

Thanks for the laugh! I think lately he listens to Roger DeCoster's aorta ripping in half.

I've been humming tunes in my head for years. As a matter of fact, I was going to a race one time and I'll be dam*ed if I didnt hear that stupid song by the spice girls, "Tell me what you want what'cha really really want." (and no, I didnt have control of the radio)

I had that stuck in my head all day long during a 3 hour National.

That will make you want to spend $200.... :)

[ August 14, 2002: Message edited by: MOmilkman ]

that thing better have a removable card. 64 megs is not much. if you can put a 256 card in tyhat thing then it would be nice.



I would have to disagree. He (Pastrami) hasn't raced much in the last two years and when he does, he seems to be leaving his body imprint on the ground.


I use a Sports Casette Walkman with velcro'd speakers. It's great when you have the right tunes for sure....

Not Darins favorite Group "The Spice Girls." I can see it now....Darin bouncing and shakin his A$$ up and down the trail's during the national's like a Freak in a San Francisco Gay Pride Parade.

Sorry Darin...I couldn't resist.....

Bonzai :)


I just dont care too much for the spice girls. Rick Martin...., now he's fabulous!!!!! Ooooooo! :)

Now Darin, I KNOW you're lying...

I've seen all those Barry Manilow, Anne Murray and Carpenter's tapes in your truck...


well, HE thinks it works...

Well, I seen their site advertised in Dirt Rider. Thats where I discovered their product. But if they are not going to return your call then I wouldnt buy either.

(old but slow) Paul, That reminds me, I need to get those cd's back to you. :)

It wasn't really an ad in Dirt Rider, the section I saw it in is where they put news and stuff from races or wherever. I let you guys know if I ever hear back... :)

For only a couple bucks more ( about $289) yu might as well get an Ipod from apple. They jsut came out with a pc version. It holds about 1,000 songs and the battery life is about ten hours. That should be long enough to listen to all of Barry Manilows greatest hits and then some :) Plus they just won't skip....just won't skip....just won't skip....just won't skip....just won't skip....


Before you go drop you 200 bucks, check out their site...Looks a little garage to me. Second, I have been trying to get info from them for about a week, and nothing, no e-mails, or phone calls. I really don't know at this point if I want to give them my money, and not know if they will back up their product. What do you think? I am expecting too much?


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