Rekluse E-axle (thoughts and opinions)

Looking for solid information on the Rekluse E-axle, still looking to make my 09 yz450f turn a little better. If anyone has purchased one and cares to comment I'm all ear's.

Try bringing the forks up in the clamps 5mm

What I am trying to find out is this a worthy upgrade that makes a difference, or a overpriced item that I need to forget about. At $200 list its cheaper than going to different offset clamps, I am willing to give up some stability for sharper turning.

I've got one on my 06 450 and am very happy with it. Since setting the bike up with proper sag, sliding the forks up, throwing away that awful 739 front tire, and installing the e-axle it's a whole different bike. This thing carves turns and is still rock solid on the straights. If you need more info just ask.

There are 3 or 4 threads on the subject. Search.

i put my 06 clamps right on the top of that mark(1 mm deep ring).

what the benefits of taking the forx up the clamp or down?


When you guys say to slide the forks up 5mm, do you mean 5 mm past the fork cap or 5mm past the line near the top of the forks?

I put one on my 06, set it to -1mm offset (can go to 2mm +/-) and never looked back. Had it for about 1.5 years and havn't had a problem - no less stable at high speed. Dropping the forks isn't the best fix

I had one on my 03 YZ450 and it worked great. I wish I had kept it to try on my 06.

Generally sliding the forks up 5mm means you have 5mm of fork tube showing above the top of the top triple clamp.

I set the fork tube height at 5mm up from the ring when I first got the bike and have ridden it there until now. With a fresh 756 up front and stock tank it felt the best but now after putting on the Ims tank it feels a little vague. Rear spring went away pretty fast and replaced it with a 5.8 Eibach and run 3.75" of sag. I really think the tank is causing me not to get as forward as I was able to with the stocker. Then again maybe its being able to ride further with the tank and I'm just getting tired and not as aggressive. Anyway I think I will try the e-axle and hopefully it will help.

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