updated pics of my yz 450

sorry guys just bored sitting around in the garage figured i take some random shots tell me what you think







Looks sick were did u get this graphics???

brm off road graphics they do custom graphics, very pleased with them they have been doing my sons race quad graphics to.

That looks awsome! Did you create the graphic, or did they already have it?

here are some pictures of him, im so proud of him he is only 7 and rips :thumbsup:





they helped me through it they have a proof of it on there web site.they let you change or add anything you like

i like the graphics.. and the bars you have set up! they almost look like fmx without the cross bar. nice ride

very nice ride, looks awesome.

How do you like those easton bars? I was thinking about getting a set myself. They look like a high bend.

there the kevin windham bend. best thing i can say is i put them on and did not even notice them, very comfortable.i could also do a lot more laps with out arm pump,if you cant tell i love them:ride: :thumbsup:

Awsome looking bike, though I don't think the camera is doing it justice. You've gotta be one big dude from looking at that last pic of you on the bike!:thumbsup:

sorry it was getting late. the lighting is not to good in my garage, ill take some better ones tomorow,6-4 250

might be trying a recluse pro clutch soon

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