Brake light pressure switch?????? 2003 wr450

I bought a used 03 wr450. The guy said the pressure switch on the rear brake went bad so he put a new one on. It also quit working very quickly. I just bought a new one and installed it about a month ago. It was working fine. I took the bike out tonight for the first ride of the year and when I got home I noticed it isn't working again! Is there something simple I should look for that may be causing this or do you think I am just having bad luck with the switches? I thought maybe there was something specific to wr's that I should look for the root of the problem. Thanks for any suggestions, Steve

You just need to put in a quality unit, like the one from Baja Designs. The 'off-brand' ones I have tried from Cycle Gear, Dual Sport America, and Bike Bandit have all failed in a few months.

I have bought one from several places, the BAJA stuff is good and still works in my old 03 which my son owns. Then again I have friends that melted the wires off on the pipe in a few days also.

some of the new baja designs come with a 90 deg end also, so that is nice (at least the front brake switch)

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