Opinion on picking up 99 yz400

Hey Guys, not my first post but for some reason it says it is. Anyway I may be able to pick up my friends 99 yz400f for $275. Its a basket case at the moment because the engine needs to be rebuilt (not sure how far torn down the bike is besides that). But the engine needs work because he opened up the decomp when the bike was running, had the valve smack the piston, and you know the rest. Anyway I've been looking for a bike to turn into a supermoto. So I'm looking for some opinions on this. Should I just save the cash and time and look for a wr (want to eventually plate it... I know what I'm already getting into here), or go for it? I have a 426 that I want to keep because I just love the bike, and ham going to do the 450 upgrade. So I figured I'd go for something similar due to parts interchangeability, but am not set in stone. So any opinions or insight?


Im sure jersey isnt too lenient about registering off road bikes, I wish I would have waited, 2 weeks after I bought my 400f I found a wr (or drz i forget, it was blue) for 400 more than what I paid.

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