Proper Riding position on WR450

I am trying to find the proper WR450 riding position for "snake-type woods trails". On my XR650, the further forward you got on the seat, the faster you could hit a tight turn. I tried that on my WR450, and the rear spins out, and the front wobbles. It seems the proper position on a WR450 is more dead center in the middle of the seat? The bike still slides more that expected. I realize some of this is the stock tires which are made for hard surface.. What is your riding position in the tight turning stuff with soft surface? (sand or straw\leaves)

i tried going into a turn way up on the tank and the front end slid out i tried the same turn in the middle of the bike and the front tire held. maybe it's just the way i ride but it works for me.

This happend to me on my WR426. I lowered the front (raised the forks in the tripple clamps 3mm) and it made a big difference...................db :)

My next mod is to raise the forks. She handles so well at high speed I wanted to try her in standard position first. 158 main, 48 pilot jetting is good. Will lower clip on needle one slot this weekend and should be done with jetting, and on to suspension. Haven't gotten the right feel for it yet. Its amazing that I never spill on this bike, but slide quite often. 100 miles and counting, no woodruff problems.

Right up on the tank! Make sure you have your suspension dialed in and your air tire pressure not to high.

Raising The forks is a easy and fast mod that makes the bike turn quicker and easier. I did some speed runs last weekend and my ICO read 84 mph. I couldn't believe how well the bike felt at high speed. I'm going to raise my forks a lttle this week since I'll be trying to ride at 24 mph instead of 84...

I'm glad your bike is holding up.What air pressure do you run in your tires?

I've been running 12 lbs in front and rear. I am going to 10 lbs to see what that does. I will raise the forks this weekend, although I don't have any trouble turning the bike. In fact, it turns almost too tight. I find myself barely missing trees on the inside of the turn. I am going to move to softer settings and see if that doesn't reduce the slide. I luv that engine. It does tend to start slow and then surge. I hope lowering the needle clip will smooth out the mid range transition.

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