oil pump problem

03 YZ450, took my oil pump off to inspect while i have it apart for another problem. When i bolted it back up and torqued it to manufacturers specs, I can't turn the oil pump at all. :lol: What am i missing? :usa: It turned fairly easy before. Any help is greatly appreciated. :thumbsup:

Double check your assembly you may have a washer/shim installed in the wrong place.

I've had it apart twice and from what i can tell it's good. Obviously theres something screwed up. I didn't completely pull apart the pump assembly, i just pulled the oil pump off and checked the internal pump.

Remove it and double-check the two rotors in the case are assembled correctly and the drive pin is in place, and that no foreign materials are present.

I took some pictures of everything. I flipped the internal rotor around and now it seems to be fine. Could this have caused my issue?? Also is my oil pump toast or what? it has some wear on it but the pictures make it look worse than it is.




Thanks for all your replies this site is great because of the people who help. :thumbsup:

it's your bike bro, but i think i would change it. they are not that expensive and it looks to have some pretty good marks on it:ride:

You should be able to get by with the wear in the case, but I would replace the feed pump, return pump, drive pin, and clip:

  • 5TA-13300-00-00 OIL PUMP ASSY
  • 5TA-13320-00-00 ROTOR ASSY 2
  • 93603-16219-00 PIN, DOWEL
  • 93440-10153-00 CIRCLIP

The wear/damage looks excessive.

Thanks Gray, thats what i figured. I'll order one next week. :thumbsup:

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