Larryco on jetting

Originally posted by comp182:

38PJ/65PAJ(S)/1.5 turns/EKQ#2/150MJ/160MAJ.

(WR timed, stock uncorked exhaust, BK mod.)


PAJ = Pilot Air Jet (stock size is 75)

MAJ = Main Air Jet (stock size is 200)

Time for a new dealer. 145 main is WAY too small. OTOH a 45 pilot is WAY too big. Bipolar idiot dealer alert…

I’ve only gone up to 8k or 9k a few times and didn’t really experiment with the jetting, so I’ll leave this one to Larry. A 150 main is still very small, but at those elevations may well be spot on. The rest of that also looks reasonable to me.

The PN for the EKQ needle is: 5JG-14916-E1

The Sudco PN for the adjustable Pilot Air Screw (to replace the fixed size PAJ) is 021-230 for the screw and 021-235 for the spring. While you have them on the phone get the 160 MAJ, your idiot dealer may have trouble finding this part.

Sudco: 800-998-3529

BTW, your bipolar idiot dealer may also insist that the PN I gave above for an EKQ is in fact an EVQ. Just ignore him, think happy thoughts, and feel secure knowing you have discovered the antidote for bipolar idiot dealers., of course.

Hope this helps.

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Larryco, Could you please explain the following to me. I called my dealer and they told me that my bike has a 145main jet and a 45 pilot jet. I asked them if they new these terms paj and maj and they have know idea what I am talking about. I have a 2002 wr 426 with all the same mods that you have other than the jetting. I seem to be riding up in rollinsville as well as Webster and Redcon alot. I would say between 9000 and 13000. IS this the set up that you think I should go with. Thanks in advance.

38PJ/65PAJ(S)/1.5 turns/EKQ#2/150MJ/160MAJ.

(WR timed, stock uncorked exhaust, BK mod.)


I'm still laughing! Too funny...


That sounds like a good place to start off. I can tell you that I havent got my "super high altitude" jetting down to where I want to...but that's about as good as I've gotten it to thus far. I was also running a 35PJ/50PAJ/EKQ#2/150MJ/160MAJ up over 11K ft (very similar) and had fairly similar results. I was getting a slight bog when whacking the throttle open (like to wheelie a root or something)...and was trying to get past that problem...when I realized that my BK mod (accelerator pump mod) screw was limiting my fuel squirt to about 0.00002 secs. I turned it back to where it should be...0.5 secs...and need to try up there again. If you're not familiar with the BK mod, dont worry about it for your riding/jetting up'll be fine...although you should do some searches on this mod and do it. Makes a big difference...

Anyway, try those 2 jetting setups...and report back any updates (how your bike ran, etc.).

Just to let you know, if you want to ride at Rampart or anywhere around 7K - 9500 ft, use the following (nothing short of awesome!): 38PJ/65PAJ/EKP#3/155MJ/160MAJ. Best ever my bike has run...but gets rich over 9500 ft.

Let us know if you have any questions...


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