top triple clamp from 06 yz

Will a stock top triple clamp from a 06 yz250 fit on a 05 wr450 and vice versa?

I know that the forks are both 48mm. I am wondering if they have the same offset or will I need to swap both top and bottom clamps.


I think the off set is different yz's changed from 05-06 year.

Except for the mount for the front #plate, my '06 YZ 450 top clamp works perfectly on my '05 250 2 smoker....

how ? the 06 clamp according to yamaha they are 1mm apart from each fork, did you use any spacer on the axle , im planning doing this on my yz 250 05 but with top and bottom clamp from a yz450 06 but the fork and the axle that i will not change only the clamp top and bottom.

Im not positive about the offset and the forks being further apart but I do know that you will have to make a mount to hold the electrics

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