G'Day all from OZ

hello everyone,

just a quick intro as this is my first post on TT!!

i am in a mining town in Western Aus called Kalgoorlie and have just recently converted from road bikes to dirty ones and purchased a 06 YZ450F. I am having a blast getting used to the dirt compared to tarmac, and slowly getting used to the high maintenance schedule compared to the others aswell.

i have had a bit of a look around and have looked through the TT shop to compare parts codes between different years and it seems that alot of consumables like rear brake pad and air filters remained the same for a few years (02 - 08)

is this right??

the town that i am in is a smaller one and unfortunately there isnt much in the of dealer competion so they have us by the short and curlies!! does the free freight in the TT store go to AUS.

this is a photo of mine and my kids toys!!

thanks all for the help, great forum:thumbsup:


Glad to see some bikes in WA!! I lived down there for 2 years back in 97 - 99, mostly living in Perth, Albany, and Bunbury. I didn't know you could grow grass out in the middle of nowhere!! Don't they pump all of the water to Kalgoolie from the coast?

Anyways congratulations on the bike purchases, I also have a 06 YZ450 and have had an 04 and 05, that I have loved for the most part. Is that a CR500 as well? That would be fun in the wide open spaces down there. I didn't have a bike while I was in WA but always imagined that it would be heaps of fun to ride down there. Is there much of a trail system or motocross scene?

This is what I have learned about my 450 that might save you some money and heartache.

1. Keep your oil changed, 8-10 hours tops if you are running synthetic.

2. Keep your air filter clean.

3. Buy a scotts stainless oil filter.

4. Reroute your crankcase breather hose or beware of getting sand in your motor.

I would highly recommend Thumper talk for parts as well as www.rockymountainmv.com they have very good prices and service, although I'm not sure about shipping to WA. I know that a lot of parts interchange between 03-08 on the 450, like you say the best thing to do is check part numbers on the microfich.

Lets see some riding pictures when you get out on those machines!!

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