Help Plaese

ok i rebuilt my carbe put it back together bike started all good but while idling it runs fast then slow and very fast after i rev it or the revs die down nd it stalls while at idle the fuel line was leaking a bit so i'm fixing that now would that cause this or is there a real problem?

Thx for havin a look all advice will be much apreciated

leaking fuel can't be helping the situation. fix that first. is the throttle operating smoothly, no hangups? maybe check for vacuum leaks

Have you adjusted the idle mixture since you put the carb back together?

Definitely try and adjust/fix the items mentioned previously first.

Is it like pulsing with the idle, or would you describe it as a "hanging" idle?

The idle on my bike used to stay high after I reved it and very gradually come down. It was pretty all over the place.

I had to readjust the TPS. Could be something to check?

If you removed the TPS, you WILL have to readjust it back to spec per the manual.

thx guys fixed the fuel leak still did it, so checked and ajusted the TPS and it's all working now thanks for all the help u guys rock

what is tps? the pilot screw maybe

Throttle Position Sensor; the electrical device on the left side of the carburetor.

Glad it worked out! TPS on a dirt bike was definitely a "new to me" thing when I moved to a 4 stroke.

mine does the same thing and i dont have a manual, does anyone know how to adjust this to spec for an 01' 426?

thanks a lot

The manuals I linked to are also printable.

Motoman's site can be helpful but the link gray gives is for the factory service manual. You can't beat those!!!!

im still unclear on what needs to be adjusted or replaced. do i just clean up the wires? Please Help

Download the manual and go to page 6-7. The tests begin on 6-8, and the adjustment is on 6-10.

HAHA my bike has his same ishew, it takes a while to idle down, but noe to long, enough to piss you off. Any way i was reading my manual on how to adjust the TPS and what a prosses that is! I dont want to even do it!

Now is the TPS very sensitive? To adjust it says to slightly move that unit up or down and align those slots up? I dont know when you start getting electrical involved with fuel im lost after that.:thumbsup:

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