WR 400What year do I call it?

This may seem a ridiculous question , however no-one can give me a confirmed answer. I own a 10th month 98 WR400. Is this bike refered to as a 98 or 99 model.

Some crew are telling me that it is a 99 model and will have 99 model mods.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

If you look at the 10th digit of the vin# the it will tell you what year model it is. Your dealer will know what letter is which year. I just can't remember what letter is which year off the top of my head.


Thanx. The stamped digit is O. I will chase it up through my local Yamaha dealer. :)

My 02 model is a 'P'

they skipped the 'O' (letter O) for the 02 models because people confuse it with the numeral '0' (zero). So therefore, working back, an 01 model is an 'N' designation, an 00 model is a 'M' designation, a 99 model is a 'L' designation and the 98n is a 'K' designation...

I think the 'A' model is somewhere back in time when WR's were 2 stroke...




I don't know where some people get their information but a 98 will have a "w" in the 10th spot and a 99 will have an "x". 2000 will be a "0" (that's zero). 2001 will be a 1, 2002 will be a 2, and 2003 is a 3. These are the same designations in automobiles. I know this for a fact because I work in the auto industry.


I think you are more concerned about whether yours has the "improvements" of the '99s, not just the serial number?

I've never compared mine to a '98, but one of the more obvious ones to look for might be the rear axle size? I think they beefed that up. NH Kevin, the moderator, can tell you better what to look for. A lot of these guys can...

Maybe do a search on 'differences between '98 and '99' or 'changes to '99'. Might find an identifying feature there.

I seem to remember something about the '98 having a blank starter 'boss' on the engine case that disappeared in '99, too. Yamaha.dude or someone can probably tell you a visual identifier.

my 97 had a V so 98 is W and 99 is X.

I am not saying that the code I am using is built into the VIN... I just know it is Yamaha's code... It is written on the front of my manual, on other paperwork for my bike... I have no doubt that you can decode the VIN to work it out...

I never mentioned mine was a VIN code...

There are different codes for different models, my sons 2002 TTR-90 is also a 'P' model from Yamaha


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