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Hi guys, I'm new to the forum and the mx world I'm looking for my first bike specifically for off road fun, I'm 6'1 and about 210lbs , even considering my size I went to view a CRF450 yesterday and it looked far to high. A freind of mine told me a yzf450 would be a better size for me. Please help guys I want to buy urgently

They are about the same height. The trouble is that when you have 12" of suspension travel, you have to have at least that much ground clearance. That also means that the seat has to be far enough above the tire that the tire doesn't hit it at full travel. That nearly always means 39".

Both bikes are very similiar in size - at your height and weight - you shouldn't have any problems with either - you might want to consider a 250 (four stroke) until you are more comfortable...

after 20 odd years of riding and +-30 bikes later I have ridden most bikes.

MX, enduro,social and road here are my experiences:

AS the boys say CRF, YZF, KXF etc almost same height,trick is learn to shift your butt off(to the side) of the seat before stopping, put one leg out. I am under 6foot and works for me.

If you riding socially 250f has more than enough power unless you are riding in very thick sand or are 230lbs +.

Dont get caught into having way more power than you need, tires you out and is heavier.

Try "test ride" a few bikes at your local track etc and feel for yourself, many guys are happy to help a newcomer out.

I could go into more detail but that would take 3 pages, goodluck!:thumbsup:

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