Rear Rim wanted, or ideas

I am tenatively looking into buying a complete rear wheel setup for my WR to mount a paddle tire onto. We ride all over, and often ride dunes and forest in the same day. Another rear rim would definitely make things easier than riding the dunes on a knobby or trying to swap off a paddle. Any ideas? The stock Yam hub is about 90 bucks, but all the other parts start to get expensive in a hurry. Add in a rotor, sprocket, carriers, spokes, bearings, and it gets REALLY expensive. Like $600, which would be out of the league. Anybody have any ideas, or a rear rim setup that I can afford? I would consider an 18" rim from a scrapyard if this would work (I prefer not to sandblast excel rims), but I would need some help before ponying up. It is my understanding that the rear rim is a 2.15X18? Any help would be great. Thanks.

buy an oem hub-90 buchannan spokes-50 steel sprocket-20-30 ebc or moose rotor-100 excel rim-120 bearings/seals-50-75 tire-60 tube-15 yup, 600 looks about right!! try to find a used rim, thats your best bet. any rim from a yz or wr 400/426 will work, you will just have a 19inch with the yz. try mark with 2dads racing, his posts are on here somewhere. or suck it up and buy a complete wheel for 450-500 :).


DRZ400E: Where's the power on this thing?

I already have the 18" paddle, which barely fits my bike, and an extra tube, so that can be taken off the price, and is why I want to stick with 18". But I would think about 19 if I could get a YZ setup with tire. Does it fit the WR stock? It is my understanding that they are the same overall diameter, just a lower profile tire? Or am I way off? I would like to stay 18" because I have a pile of 18" rear tires to burn up... I just need something round to stick them on...

BTW, can someone take a look at the rear rim of there bike for me? Does the hub have bolt on carriers for the disc and sprocket, or is it all one piece? Is it practical to unbolt a rotor and swap it too?

One piece hub Fly. The rotor fasteners thread directly into the hub, the sprocket of course has locknuts. I’ve looked and looked and looked for an extra WR 18” wheel for my bike and never found one (I wanted to run 18” tires for off-road and liked the idea of an extra rim).

Also, an 8 paddle 19” Cheng Shen clears everything on my YZ, but it did eat my mud flap/shock guard. I think if I’d had a longer chain this wouldn’t have happened though. So don’t discount the 19”, I think a ’99 – ’01 YZ250 rear will work too. I don’t know that the older models won’t fit as well, but I know the hub changed for ’99.

Would you be interested in a rear wheel minus tire and sprocket, never used (race stand by rim for the baja2000), for ~400$?

I may be able to sell a few of them?


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