Jetting for Yuma AZ / CA

Getting ready to head out to Yuma next week. Has anyone had the WR450 out in the Yuma dunes yet?

If so, how was it with a paddle of course.

What jetting worked the best for you?



YUMA!!! URGH!!! That has got to be the HOTTEST god-forsaken place on earth. I spent 6 weeks there in JULY and AUGUST about 6 years ago and all I can say about that place is 'F' that!!! I was working for an Army contractor then so that visit wasn't by choice and anyone that lives there must be out of their minds. I remember watching the weather there one morning and the high the previous day was like 128 flipping degrees.....temp outside before daylight was in the mid 90's, and that was every single day. That was INSANE!!! I've always heard people say the desert is a dry heat....well, so is a BLOW TORCH!!! And I think I witnessed the most violent thunderstorm of my life sitting in a HUMVEE out in the middle of the desert. And LOVE those dust storms too.....YEEEHAW!!! The only cool part of the trip....spending 6 weeks driving HUMVEES around the desert. I remember seeing the dunes you are talking about and seeing all the ATV's and bikes riding them....It does look like fun, and I guess this time of year the weather there is a little more bearable. Anyway, you brought back nightmares when I saw the word 'YUMA'....enough whining....GOOD LUCK & HAVE FUN!!!

Yea, well the forecast for today is for 64 lovley degrees.

July n August are when the jet stream brings forth humidity to the desert, not a fitting place for man nor beast then.

Anyone on the jetting question? The altitude is like 200 feet and the sand will work the engine harder than anywhere else on the planet. :)

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