'99 or '00 WR400

Okay, so my screen name is a bit preemptive given that I havn't purchased my thumper yet. I'll give you that.

I'm looking at a '99 WR400 with a header pipe, W.B. exhaust, shock & fork revalve, IMS tank, and some extras. Some plastic has been replaced. There are more hours on this bike than the '00.

The '00 just has an FMF exhaust. The carb slide stop has been opened up. Fewer hours.

There is a $500 difference in asking price. Both have said they will accept less than asking price. I plan on putting on a Baja Designs kit to legalize it.

Question 1: What would you guys go with?

Question 2: Does the hot start feature make a big difference?

Question 3: What's the story with the "grey wire" cutting?

Any advice will help out bigtime. I'm a WR idiot I guess. Pretty experienced on other bikes though, mostly 2-strokes on the track. Throw me a bone here boyz.

I'll start you out. :)

I don't have a WR, my bike is an '01 YZ.

I think you are better off with the '00 but will want to spend $30 or so to update to some '01 clutch parts to solve a grabby clutch problem. It's an easy fix. You also gain the newer carb, CDI mapping, and 26 cc but also have a CB gear key to keep an eye on. Adjusting the carb AP squirt on the '00 (to fix an off-idle bog that is present on both bikes) can be done with the BK mod. The '99 requires a slightly different fix (P-38 or the Taffy mod).

They grey wire is a wire which changes the ignition mapping when engaged. It mellows out the "snap" of the bike for more trailbike type behavior. Cut or disconnect it and you will be happy.

Fork/shock revalve is useless unless the rider is the same weight and speed and rides the same stuff.

I would want the newer bike with fewer hours.

Hope this helps.

Lets answer your questions.

#1 I would go with the 2000 WR400. I have one and the Carb difference is a big one.

#2 My freind had a '99' and the carb was not so good and hard to get the hot start. I woud switch to a bar mount hot start if I were doing it over.

#3 I removed the Grey wire from the plug and taped it up. I didn't cut it. Either way there may be a small differnce in response. hard to tell.

If you want to come out to CA I have my 2000 for sale all the trick mods and Baja Designs kit as well.

Thanx, you guys rock. I'll take the carb update as a big plus. I'm heading out to ride the '99 tomorrow and this weekend I'll crank it up on the '00. Can anyone think of anything to look for on a used WR 4-hundo that I wouldn't know about? Are the WR's reving hard at highway speeds with stock gearing?

I'm planning on buying one in a few days here and I don't want to make any mistakes and have regrets. It's happened before and it ain't cool. Some of you've been there.

Any thoughts on holding out for a nice used WR 426? Is it worth it for the $$$ ?

Originally posted by skthom2320:

I'll start you out. :)

You also gain the newer carb, CDI mapping, and 26 cc but also have a CB gear key to keep an eye on.

Oops. Forgot that the YZ was a 426 in '00 but not the WR.

As for holding out for an '01 or '02 you gain the 26 cc, additional updates in the carb, better clutch and a splined shaft for the CB rather than the woodruff key. The major change isn't until the '03 bikes are released.

Of course, you can hold out forever and each year will be an improvement!

Good call, skthom. No more holding out. The '00 is where my sights are set. Appreciate the responses.

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