05 WR450 for $3000 a good deal?

Is this a good deal for an 05 WR450? Mostly stock with exception of suspension redone for a 200 lbs person, renthal bar, and accelerator pump cover. I am thinking about buying it. Thanks for your replies.

How many miles / hours are there on the bike? What kind of PM has been done?

How many miles / hours are there on the bike? What kind of PM has been done?

The owner said he put a few thousands miles on the bike. I rode the bike and it ran strong and shift well. This bike run much stronger and accelerate better than my 2000 WR400. Cosmetically it's in good condition.

Here's the description of the ad:

2005 Yamaha WR450- Green sticker, Pro-circuit exhaust and suspension, Works Connection radiater guards and skid plate, ASV unbreakable levers, Scott's shark fin rear disc guard, new chain and sprockets, new rear tire. Runs great- valves checked and adjusted on a regular basis, oil changed and air filter cleaned after every ride.

Sounds pretty good on paper. Get down underneath and take a good look at the frame, swingarm, and linkage for abuse. Wear marks on sides the frame, cases, and footpegs tops are sure tell-tale signs of lots of hours. Look closely at the motor bolts and screws for evidence of removal. You can't hide wrench and socket marks on Yamaha fasteners. If it really looks 'virgin' it probably is.

I paid $3800 for an '03 that was almost stock, but it had a CA plate and dual sport kit, and almost no miles.


Thanks for heads up. I'll inspect bolts thoroughly before buying the bike. It's a very nice and powerful bike.

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