Advice needed for a newbie (WR vs KTM EXC)

Well, it seems that my WR 426 purchase from CO may not go through after all. I have also considered buying a KTM 520 EXC. I realize that I'm asking this questions on a WR board, but does anyone here have experience with both KTM EXC and WRs? I would appreciate some objective opinions on the pros and cons of each of these two bikes. I need to make the bike road legal and my local dealer told me that this would be easier with a KTM since the MSO does NOT state "For off highway use only". Guys, any advice you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

I was told KTM titles now say Not For Highway Use on the title.

It dosn't say it in big letters on the WR title. They miss it quite often at the DMV.

A WR450 is going to be hard to find.

Check the "bikes for sale" forum here and on ebay. There have been a lot of good deals on WR's (426's) lately. A lot of lucky dudes getting new 450's? Many are already licensed. This could help since you won't have the expense of a conversion and it could be just a simple title transfer at your DMV.

You are correct about the older KTM's not having an 'off-road' designation. That does make it easier in some states, but not here in Iowa. I hope to change all that.

Good luck and enjoy whichever you choose!

I had an 02 KTM 400sx and enjoyed it!! I know you are looking at a 525 EXC which is a nice bike as well. I rode a WR450 this weekend and it rocked!! I don't know about the title, but the Yamaha would be less maint. I also had a 00 WR 400 and I had tags on it. Baja designs is were I bought the few parts I needed to make it pass inspection. The parts for the KTM's seem to be kinda expensive and they seem to make a lot of engine noise. I think that you would enjoy either bike. I guess it just comes down to which is availible and which bike gives you the warmest feeling inside!! HA HA!!

Good Luck!

I've ridden quite a few WRs and a few 520 EXCs, as well as an '03 525 SX, but I have not ridden an '03 WR or EXC.

Obviously, a 520 is quite a bit faster than a WR, especially the 426. Being a six speed it will also have better top speed, although the difference is slight. I believe the WR 450 is within a few pounds of the EXC, I think it is heavier, but the EXC feels even lighter than it is, and feels much lighter than a WR 426.

The '03 KTM line handles a bit different and has bigger forks than previous years. Changes in prior years aren't as significant, although I believe there were some isolated problems w/ the cam or water pump bearings (??), this part was upgraded in '02 I believe (don't take my word for it, a creative search on the orange side will give you the real skinny). Point being you could pick up a used EXC and get a light, e-start bike with good suspension and mondo power. If you want the same thing in blue you need to buy an '03.

As far as making a dirt bike road-legal I've no experience with or interest in that.

Hope this helps!

Thanks to everyone for their replies (keep 'em coming). I guess it will come down to whcih bike I can find first and for how much.

Not sure where you are but I picked up my 01 WR426 this past September from Stumpys Yamaha in Neptune. I got it for $5600 OTD with...a HJC lid, Tech 6 boots, Thore pants, [censored] and gloves.

I quite sure they have a few 02's left over and they might still have a 01.

BTW - This was my first dirtbike and I love I just need to try and register it.


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