any info on 2010 yz 450f

Looks like some neat new tricks! Hopefully there is no bugs to figure out, well no major ones anyway.

Looks great. New 4 valve head.. wonder why the change? Also... kinda skeptical about the electronic shock, why the change there too? Obviously both are in theory better.. just looking for the justification.
You answered your own question. The head has been the reason that Honda has dominated in areas of competition where peak horsepower in large numbers is an important factor, such as flat track, supermoto, etc. It is very hard to get more than 60 HP from a 450cc YZF, and the ports are where the problem is. Trying to work with 3 intake ports is very tricky. Note that the R6 is also going 4 valve. With the elevated intake port, guys like Ron Hamp must be drooling already just thinking about it.

Electronic suspension control opens up the next major level of damping control. Like electronic engine or transmission, or whatever else control, how well it works depends entirely on the level of sophistication involved and how well thought out the control algorithms are, but it could potentially be the most amazing thing that ever happened to a motorcycle.

freakin aye that looks way cool.

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