New Guy in SC / repairs

Hello all,

I am the proud new owner of an 08 WR450. It was a friend's bike who recently purchased the new BMW450. I was riding his WR and took a pretty nasty spill. Bent the left radiator and blew out the fork seals, somehow. Other than that no major damage. I'm in the process of repairing. I let the shop do the fork seals and realign front end. But I ordered the radiator and will do that myslef. (any advice on that process?)

Also installing an Acerbis larger capacity fule tank, will post on that later.

He is selling me the bike for $3500 so I could not pass it up.

Looking forward to getting back on the trails!!

Just did a left side radiator today after a crash caused a leak. Fortunately I was able to get the leak fixed but the install is really easy. Just do it.

good on ya, gotta wreck it to learn to fix it....:thumbsup:

radiators, dont mess with repairing it unless you have the tools to weld etc... send it to mylers in utah. look up motorcycle radiators on the web. just got mine back. both straightendd and all holes welded. they look almost new other than the fins are still slightly off here and there. if you already bought one send the other in for repair as backup. they will bend again believe me.

putting one one is easy, 8mm and 10mm socket are the main tools. just yank the seat, tank and hoses.

buy some decent radiator guards right away also. they are cheaper than replacing yammy radiators at 350 each.

you got a deal on the bike by the way.

Thanks for the lead on Mylers. I already bought an OEM replacement online

($265). But will send the old one in for repair. Any special procedures for refilling/ getting out air pockets in radiator? Is this covered in service manual?

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