Wr450 and YZ450

Finally got a chance to ride both bikes. I must say the WR is a seriously fun bike full of power!! I had a 00 Wr400 and loved it, but this new WR walks all over it. Both bikes, YZ and WR (in my opinion) are exceptional. The YZ is noticeably lighter and seems to have a more "power on, power off" feel. The WR, thanks to its heaver flywheel, seems to have a smoother power transfer. You can roll it on gently if you choose. I would say the WR would be well served with a steering stabilizer if you are doing the higher speed riding, and this bike will fly!!!! One other thing that I noticed, unlike the DRZ the WR battery does not seem to effect the handling of the bike.

I am still undecided which I will buy, leaning toward the YZ. In the interest of science, I am going to ride a CRF-450 this week and then decide. I have a long history with Yamaha, so it will be tough to ride red!!

Wil, can you please let me know what you think of the CRF. I am trying to decide, if I ever sell my KX, on whether I should get a CRF or a WR. I have ridden a CRF in the woods and I want something to take to the track as well. Mostly woods and also I will ride my little one, 4yrs old, on it some as well as ride with my 7yr old on his 70. I think the CRF can be made to run in the woods and like the lite weight, but the WR looks good except for the weight is so much more than the CRF. I really need something that can creep along but likes to jump as well. I don't ask for much do I. Anyway, I would really appreciate your thoughts after you ride the CRF.



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