Fix the old or save for new?


I got 168 hours on my 05 yz 450. It needs a motor rebuild which with a cylinder puts me at around $800. Thats being gentle. I have an opportunity to buy an 06 for around 3400. Is it better to sell the 05 that has springs and suspention for me or fix up the steel frame. I LOVE 4 speed transmissions and am scared to move up. What would U guys do?

If you've ever ridden an '06 or later, you wouldn't be asking this question.

I personally would stay with what you got, I have rode the 4 speed and it was sweet I would be willing to have a little older bike that is still competive for the 4 speeds and correct spring:thumbsup:

What is it about the 4 speed you find so endearing? (I've owned both, BTW)

I have also owned a 4 speed one (04) and I must say I like 5 speed better for MX. That is because now I have 3 speeds to choose from (2, 3, 4), but on the 04 machine the fourth was a bit too tall for me and the third made me use higher rpms on faster ares than I would have liked.

And the new alloy frames with mass centralization is something you would really like.

Try to test ride a 06 at the track or trail and decide if it's worth it for you. Depends on your budget too?

Dude Guy, get the 06! :thumbsup:

really good deals out there right now on 09 450's.were talkin 5399 with the yammie rebates.hard to pass up-mike

Thanks Friends! I just love how the 4 speed feels like it pulls longer in gear. I also have the 03 CDI box on it for that top fuel dragster feel. Thanks for the input as I think I am going to test the 06.

I just love how the 4 speed feels like it pulls longer in gear.
That's an attribute of the engine, not the trans. An engine with a long, flat torque curve will be capable of staying in one gear regardless of whether it connected to a 2, 4, 6, or 12 speed, and the '06 actually fits that description better than the '03-5 did, because it pulls farther through the high end.

I love my 06. It has 80 some hours on it, I would have to look at the meter to be exact but I know it is in the 80's.

I put the meter on it when I bought it new in 06 before I ever started it.

Iam going to buy me a 2010 model when they come out and sell this one or if I cant just use the 06 for a practice bike.

I hope the 10,s are as reliable as the 06 and run as good.

Well I bought the 06. What is a 2005 YZ 450 with 150 hours total, 40 after full rebuild worth? Suspension is about the only special item new plastic and graphics.

$2500 if you get lucky at the right time.

I was thinking of dumping it on ebay quickly so I will hope for $2000. I got really lucky finding the 06. I bought it for 2K. Under 50 hours and hasnt been rode since June 08

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