I found another use for a steering stabilizer

Well, not exactly on purpose.

It was the 5th and final lap of the Adelanto Grand Prix and I was running in the top 5 and passing lappers. By this time I am wasted tired since I'm out of shape, my arms are pumped like balloons from the miles of deep sand whoops, and I can barely hang on since my bleeding hands have created and since popped new blisters and they are burning bad. But it's the last lap, about 3 miles of high speed desert and the MX section to go, so I'm just hanging on for a few more minutes. Now this is exactly the situation where I have learned to love my GPR stabilizer, and we all know that they are great for the high speed and/or fatigued situations.

So I am passing a few lappers coming up on a sandy left hand turn, doing probably 35 and looking at the outside line since a slower rider was using the far inside. Just as I approach the line I'm about to drop my front into, the guy on the inside decides to change to the outside and begins his move across about 30 feet of track right into my line. I can't slow down now, and have only two choices, hit the guy or go off the high side into a rut that would have swallowed me and the bike. So of course, I hit him :D - there's no way I'm giving up this clean race and trophy to this guy who's all over the track.

We banged bars real hard, my left arm got caught around his right arm and we both bounced off each other in opposite directions. The thing was, my bars barely turned when we met and his went instantly to far lock, which resulted in me staying on the bike on two wheels and him hitting the dirt. Once I recovered control, I looked back to see him giving me some sort of sign, I think it was the peace sign - maybe not :).

Hopefully this was not a fellow TT'er (new looking YZ/WR 4xx with yellow gear), if so sorry, but pick a line man !

Oh well, that's racing, and I have been on the other end of that scene in the past. So the lesson learned here is that a steering stabilizer is a great tool for bar-to-bar dicing. He with the most resistance wins !

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