TrailTech Billet Holder - Is it worth the $$$

I am going to purchase the TrailTech Computer for my 02 250F, should I get the billet holder/protector also.

I've heard the mounting is cheap without the billet piece?

How is the delivery time from the TT Store?

Also where is the best place to buy the PowerNow on the Web?

Thanks for any help.

IMO.....YES, the billet protector is worth the extra dough. It gives the computer a much more "factory" look and makes for a cleaner installation because it helps to hide the wires. Don't know about delivery time with the TT store but the price there is good.

POWER NOW is only available thru the manufacturer to the best of my knowledge. They've even updated their website(actually it looks like it is part of DSP Racing's website now....maybe they got bought out)

Scratch that about that website...that is the link to where their old website was....and it looks like it is part of DSP now but I don't see a way to purchase it online anymore....What the heck happened? You use to could buy it there for $89.99, now I see it's up to $99.99 and there is no option to purchase one, unless you just have to call them....I was actually thinking about buying one soon too but I guess not....

The power now you can make yourself, I can't remember the web link for the instuctions but you can get a 1mm thick 12x12 sheet of aluminum for about 6 bucks. We made two of them for mine and a buddies and have plenty left over. See if you can get another buddy to go in on it with you. Do a search on the Jamesnow mod. Hope this helps.


ordered my trail teck from my local dealer 132.00 cdn,plus gst and pst, deliverd in 7 days to northern bc.

What the heck happened? You use to could buy it there for $89.99, now I see it's up to $99.99

Yeah I noticed that. It just happened week before last.

Oh well.

where did you see it for 89.99 or 99.99 ? i got mine from TT and it was 72.00

The link to roll-your-own JamesNOW! is

As for the billet protector for Trailtech, I don't have one, but would like one...

If you buy stuff like that from the TT store, then it is drop-shipped from the manufacturer, so the delivery id beyond the control of TT... but all reports have been good in the past, it will come as fast as ordering it yourself from the manufacturer... but you save a few buck buying through TT ad you help to keep the board going...


Get the billet mount. I bought one almost a year ago thru TT with my comp.. It made the Trail tech comp. look heavy duty.

I bought the TT a few months ago, problem is I have protapers & their web site shows the Billet holder mounted under the barclamps, it's easy to mount the holder above the barclamps but the large allen pinch bolts stood up way high, this also leaves the TT mounted high also. I called TT cust service & they said the barclamps in the picture was machined 3/32 on the front edge of the barclamp to allow the billet holder to mount under the clamp. I was able to machine my Scotts barclamp on my table saw using a carbide blade.

PS I also had to rotate my Scotts dampener 180

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