Off topic: Looking for the best Full-suspension MTB under $1000.00usd

Im in the market for a new Mountain Bike. My old Specialized hard tail is beat. Im considering the Kona Kahuna full suspension bike. I can get one for around $900.00 and I've been told that they're great bikes!!


Yes, I've looked at the Cannondales. I've looked at their cheaper bikes with single pivot rear suspension and from what I've been told the better bikes have a rear shock with two pivots. Do any of you have any recommendations for me?

Thanks, Dan

Hey, i own a mountain Bike shop, i can DEFINITELY hook you up. We are just starting to get really aggressive on selling remaining inventory, (I have a KTM 450 to pay for!) Call the shop, big hole sports, tomorrow, toll free, 877 5RIDERS ,or 208 354 2209, we carry Rocky Mt, giant, Marin, titus,, Ellswoerth, blah, blah. Talk to pete or wendell, we can get you into a way better bike(I think) that that kona for similar $. Look into Giant NRS3' or Rocky Carves on, then give us a holler. Feel free to e-mail as well, Thanks!

check your PM'S

Hey, dan, for some reason,I am not getting my PM's, feel free to e-mail, or call the shop, 208 354 2209, or toll free, 877 5 RIDERS. BTW, i will be coming down your way end oct/early nov, could deliver if you are in that sort of time frame...

Dan, I have been riding and racing mountain bikes for 15 years and the best advice I can give you is, just go out and ride all of the bikes in your price range. It is the only way you will get a bike with the right feel. The number of pivots doesn't matter. Single pivots are simple and work well as do most fo the other designs. the important thing is good design, you shouldent feel any flex in the frame. I am talking about lateral flex when you turn. Proper suspension setup is also crutial for good feel .After GT went belly UP, the shop I ride for gave me a giant AC Air. I was sceptical at first but thease bikes are awsome. The AC's are adjustible from 4.5" to 6" inches in the rear, the suspension gets stiffer in the shorter travel and more plush at 6". The price is a little higher than you stated, but check them out. The Kona is a good choice they are well built. Email me if you want to talk about any spacific bikes or suspension setup.

Guys, Thanks for the advice!!!! I'll try to ride some bikes as soon as my back heals....

If you can hold on another few months till most shops get really desperate to get rid of older invintory. I got a proflex a couple years back 50% off what it was 2 months earlier. Consider disk brakes even if cross country is all thats planned (mechanical pull has come a long way), I have the Avid mechanical 7'' disks front and back on my trek. I watch ebay auctions like a hawk, here are some that are ending shortly. Dont forget to price in goodies like some cages, seat, spd pedals and shoes, & other very personal stuff FRAME ONLY

go to walmart and buy a mongoose fro 160 bucks. Who knows might last you a long time.


Hey Dan

Ever consider a road bike? I used to ride MTB's 4 to 5 days a week. A couple of years ago I switched to a road bike 3 or 4 days a week and mtb 1 day. The training is much better for the WR, I find I can stand for a lot longer(all day).

Lance Armstrong is the Man!


Take the engine out of the WR and make a crank for it. One heck of a workout and great suspension.

(Sorry I will shut up now)

cnacc , After GT went belly UP :)

When did this happen??? :D

I have a 2000 XCR 4000 full suspension. Did they completely go out or are you talking about that Schwinn, GT bankrupcy thing?

I haven't been to my dealer in a long time so I was unaware of this!

Well, I found a bike. I spent a little more than I should've but I got a pretty good deal on a Specialized FSR "Enduro". The thing even came with dorky fenders.. Of course I put them on...


[ August 19, 2002, 09:28 PM: Message edited by: Dan Lorenze ]

edarus, I am talking about the bankrupcy of GT Schwin. Suposedly they(GT) will produce some bikes for 2003 aside from some prototype 2003 photos no one has seen any bikes. All of the Deallers I know that were GT have switched of other bikes because they can't get any solid info from the company. They cut their race team down to one person,Brian Lopes and I havent seen a GT ad for months. I have a friend who broke his 01 Idrive in half. The local dealer said he could get it warranted that was 5 months ago, still no word. I have a DHI and can't get bushings or seals. The only hope is that GT hasn't sold the I-Drive design to any one yet, So who really knows. :)

cnacc, I am going to my dealer this weekend to get some information and see what parts they still have in stock. Bearings bushings and any i-drive stuff. Man this bums me out. I wonder if my dealer knew this before I bought this bike. It was a left over model year when I got it. I should've bought the fuel!!! :)


Have you ridden your new bike yet? How do you like those disk brakes?

edarus, try and get the main pivot bushings, an extra dogbone w/bushings, and the inturnal dust seal for the excentric. Should keep you running for a while. With a design as good as the I-drive we should see some virsion in the future. I am checking with some machine supply shops, hope I can find some bushings soon or my dream downhill machine may start collecting dust. Good luck. :)

Originally posted by edareus:


Have you ridden your new bike yet? How do you like those disk brakes?

edareus, Man those brakes are sick!!! Im really glad that I have them, they work really well. Almost too well, I have to remember how touchy they are, kind of like when I first had discs on my motorcycle. I love my new bike, I've never gone so fast downhill before.

peace, Dan

Good job on your purchase choice! (but being a sales guy, i could have done just as well on a Giant AC, hehe) Anyway, Spec. makes a solid ride, proven design. As you know, bikes require methodical maintainence, motor or pedal. Threat her well, she will treat you well, etc. If you have ANY questions about appropriate methods, upgrades, shock tuning, or brakework, feel free to drop a note. Mt. Bikes are a lot more delicate that dirt machines, as I am sure you know. PS, other Yammy dudes, I ALMOST bailed on my KTM, but due to the warranty clamp issue, I am getting brand new Applied Triple clamps, for free! (It's cool when seeminly bad things just get better, due to cooler heads making good decisions...) Anyway, see y'all on the trails, it's one small planet, made mostly of dirt!

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