Is 2004 yzf450 good woods bike

Just wondring if this bike would be a good all around bike with only having 4 gears.

You'll probably want to go up a couple teeth on the rear sprocket, but yes, the 4 speed 450 can be a great all around bike.

Other popular mods to make them a little more "woods friendly" are the Rekluse auto-clutches and flywheel weights.

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I have an 04 and am running 14 /49 gearing. I love it, I put a pro circuit pipe on it and it really boosted the low end. I use my bike for tight single track, and also hill climb with it. It is a monster.

I have a 04 that I use for woods mainly and the occasional MX track I run 14/47 gearing and love it on the trails makes 1st gear more usable on the really tight single track IMO.

Thanks for the quick responce and advice. I was thinking of riding a couple enduros if I get this bike and was wondering about only having 4 gears.

You'll love it for woods. I have an 03 which is the same bike, and a flywheel weight is definately in order. I typically stay in first gear.

a flywheel weight is definately in order.

I got the 16oz and it made a world of difference with stalling.

1st gear is a little high and you will find yourself on the brakes a lot going down hills in the woods but gear it down and you should be fine. You might look into a nice skid plate and radiator guards as well.

got one pretty much stock and its not bad. i like it. might change my sprockets here soon and see where i find myself. like the abe post, i might do 14/47. we'll see. but 4 gears not a problem tho.

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