Is Yamaha going to make a WR450 Sumo?

Have a look at this website:

You'll find many of Yamaha's street bikes available for demo rides.

And listed right there with Yamaha's current production bikes is a WR450 Supermoto... What?!

It's probably wishful thinking on my part, but if Yamaha is providing a demo fleet, and if they are including a WR450 Sumo, that must mean they intend to market one, right?

Well, they did it with the 2009 WR 250X.....should not be a big jump for them to come out with a WR 450X........

Its about time! I just hope it doesn't weigh 300 lbs.

I doubt it will be a "production" supermoto. They list them as 2009 models, that tells me it's just a regular wr450f with supermoto parts. Besides, supermoto bikes are not necessarily intended to be street legal. More like for supermoto "competition only".

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