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Update On West Coast TT run

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The 1st annual West Coast Thumper Run is coming together; So far we have about 26 people going. :) I never thought it would climb that high this fast, and we have a month to go.

Here are two links to the Morning star Brochures

Front Page Brochure 1

Back Page Brochure 2

Keep Signing up and calling Morning Star for researvations. Remember we are in Camp Ground A, 40 people can be there.


Special Note and Update

Morning star has graciuosly opened the gate for us that weekend, Here are the rules though

<ul type="square">[*]Walk the bike to the gate less then 50 yards[*]bike can not be running until you get to the gate or beyond[*]Any Infraction the gate is closed "PERIOD"

I think thats far, please read the brochure it has the camp rules.

Plus for those bringing an RV or large Camper, make reservations you are not able to park in the Camp Area A\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\

West Coast TT’er Ride-in Schedule for September 20th – 22nd


Friday, September 20th – Sunday, September 22nd

For most, we assume that Friday will be a day of traveling and getting organized to ride on Saturday and Sunday.


Morning Star Web SitePDF Map of Forest Hill

Tahoe National Forest Ranger Map

We want to get in the same camp area, closest to the back gate, as this allows for entrance to the riding area. We are working on getting the gate unlocked for us that weekend.

We recommend that you make reservations before you leave. Please take a look at the Morning Star Lake Campground link for detailed information on camping fees. Here is a summary of camping fees:


· Rear Area Campsites $18.00/day

· Front Area Campsites $20.00/day

· Waterfront campsites $25.00/day (no pets allowed)

Group Tent Areas

· Group Tent Area "A": $75.00 minimum fee (covers 25 people). $3.00/person for each additional camper. A maximum of 40 people allowed.

· Group Tent Area "B": $120.00 minimum fee (covers 40 people). $3.00/person for each additional camper. A maximum of 60 people allowed.


· Red and Green Stickers are checked for being up-to-date however, they are not kicking anyone out (to our knowledge). Sound output is being checked at staging areas, so make sure your pipe is freshly packed. Red Sticker Open Riding Schedule

· Two strokes will be allowed however, you will be subject to lots of teasing and KP duty. ;^)

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***News Flash***

Ok here we go 30 days!!!!!!!

I am keeping Brian Bosch informed on how many are coming on a week-by-week basis. Why? You asked

For now lets just say that there is going to be some great motivation to come and participate in the 1st annual west coast TT run.

I cannot say right now anything in details but soon. If you don’t show you will miss some great "STUFF"

SO far I have 26 people responding as coming. Lets get some more.

Please PM myself; Big Blue One, Cisco, Wyllie1 and Fryboy if you’re going or leave a ya vote here.

It will be an awesome time and great rewards are waiting you :)

A special thanks to the Crew Big Blue One, Fryboy, Cisco and Wyllie1 for volunteering and gathering recon info on Forest Hill….

Don’t Miss it

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