Devol radiator Guards How can they fit 450

TT members say that Devol YZ450 guards fit WR 450's great. I called Devol/MX South and MX says the YZ450 guards fit the WR 426 also. But Yamaha says the 450 radiators are 20% larger than the 426 radiators. Any comments.

I ordered the devol gards for my 450 and they don't fit.

I then emailed devol and they said there in prodution now and the part no. is WRF-0194 for the 03 450. yes the wr rad is wider.


Get some from flatland racing. They are great to deal with. They will get you the right stuff. ----Mike

the flatlands weren't ready the last time i checked. they are making them and they should be ready any day now though.

do the ones that cover the front cause any cooling problems ?


I put them on my bike with no problems. The only difference was I had to make a spacer for the back brace to keep everything lined up. If you put them on without the spacer it would look like they do not fit. A couple of large flat washers and I was in business. I talked to Devol to let them know about the difference and they were going to come up with a solution. If you dont mind a little work they will install fine using the YZ guards.

Just got the correct wr450 rad guards, skid plate and frame protectors. Will put them on this weekend and report

WR450F Tagged (Texas) Electex Dakar kit, Yz rear fender, Dunlop 606's Devol skid plate, frame protectors and Rad guards. Lowered 1.5 inches

storch, which rad guards did you get?

Storch, What did you do to lower your 450 1 1/2 inches.

I got the Devol 2003 WR450F guards, no time to put them on yet. Devol held up sending them because of the fit problems with the YZ version

I had a shock and fork mod done which adds a spacer to reduce total travel. Boo Hoo! but I have a 30" inseam. Several places will do this inc Devol. I used Mad Racing in LA area to do mine. The process is reversable except for the fork springs which do get shortened.

Will ride this weekend and report.

Installed the Devol frame, skid plate and radiator guards on my WR450 this weekend.

The frame guards (Marked YZ450) look great and fit even better.

Skid plate seems to fit well except for the spacer lengths they provided. The rear spacer is too short. I made my own. I also am working to make the spacers retained because it's a bitch to keep everthing aligned while you are installing it. I also opened up the oil drain cut out.

The radiator guard fit the bike (radiator mounts) perfectly except for the radiator shrouds. The bottom forward shroud screw will not reach the Devol tab. I made a spacer but noticed the shrouds are being forced away from the bike since there are details on the shrouds to interface with the stock radiator guide vanes. I assume these could be trimed away.

Over all the Devol stuff seems good, but a few details need improving like instructions (I can read!)and spacer options.

I had similar trouble with the bottom shroud mount location.

It worked out for me to drill another hole and locate the shroud mount bracket back so I ended up using the rear tapped hole only and using my own bolt and nut for the hole I added. Fit is better than stock since it now flexes the bottom of the shroud in towards the radiator slightly.

Agree that would be good way to get the shrouds to fit. I plan to put on a IMS 3.1 gallon tank. This will require YZ shrouds. So I plan to hold off any more mods to the radiator guard installation until the IMS tank arrives.

:) I just tried to install the 426 Devol rad guards on my WR450 and they are not wide enough. I could use some washers but I'm going to take them back and get the right ones.

I took mine off a 01 426 and put washers and longer bolts , they work fine.wr450 2003

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