Sorry Im late Gray, but here's my YZ

Actually it does stay that clean most of the time :thumbsup:. Granted we dont have much time on this bike, since as stated we just came off an 09 KX450F. Im a little anal on my maintenance, especially when my only child is a 16 year old who likes to race motocross. Theres nothing like having to explain to the Mrs that you were derelect in your duties in maintaining a 50 horsepower monster because you were too lazy to repair or replace causing him to get hurt. Thanks for the replies. Oh, I almost forgot. Thats a 2007 :confused:





Outstanding! :excuseme::thumbsup:

Is it just me, or do the black fork guards kind of "steal" away some of the eye-catching attraction of the front end?

I bet white forks guards (with maybe some blue-trimmed graphics) would really highlight the wow-factor of that front wheel.

Just a suggestion...:confused:

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