Drinking & Riding

yea that is real good to admiting you smoke weed

Guess that is why it IS illegal

lewichris - judging from political discussions up here lately, pretty soon pot will be legal, or at least de-criminalized.

I'm not sure what to make of it, and this is NOT the forum to debate THAT issue, but it's probably going to happen. Strange but true.

Peace Eh - P.Z.

sounds like your opening it up to debate now arent you. LOL

Oops! Maybe I'll just go out back, hit the bong and then it'll all make sense! :) No debate required. :D

Peace Eh - P.Z.

I agree with Dodger...

>> I wouldn't condone either to any rider out there, it's plain dangerous to your self and others.


Having a debate about it is far better than letting narrow-minded folks like you take the pretentious high-hand.

Just because the 'authorities' says it's illegal is enough for you. Don't challange it... don't say anything other than the approved public line. Are you worried that you're involved in this discussion? Someone from that police-state you call 'free' might find out and start watching you. shhh maybe no one will notice. I'm not too worried in Alberta, Canada... they have more important issues to worry about.

BTW...What would happen if you went riding in Alaska? It's in the US and 'that stuff' is tolerated. Is it suddenly ok? Have you ever visited Montreal or Vancouver... they are extremely leinient towards having a puff in public. The local police forces have deemed the casual user to be a non-issue...

I agree with Pete Z. It's not worth the trouble. Let's stick to talking about thumpers.

your the one who got a fire under their butt and wont drop it EH? Talk about thumpers then that is great.

complete morons... :):D

i'm surprised that no-one has taken the beer-can holders off of those novelty hard hats or football helmet ("plastic beer-dispensing helmet" with the can on each side and straws going down to mouth) and mounted it on your motocross helmet. :D :D


(now that i've implanted the idea, the rest of us can sit back and wait for the funny stories to roll in. :D)

racer36 :D

I know guys that ride snowmobiles that get so drunk they have rode off on someone else's sled. They ride from bar to bar until they can't remember how to get home.

Might be a mute question on this forum: Could a drunk even START a WR? :D I'm at my most dangerous when drinking and mowing the lawn on my John Deere... :D

BTW: For guys that can't afford those helmet holders, don't like cup holders, and don't have a camelback:

Use your radiator overflow reservoir!!! A long pvc tube to your handlebars ought to do the trick... :D :D :D

Naturally, I recommend only green koolaide for stealth purposes... :D

Uh, would it be inappropriate to sign off with "cheers" here?... :)

I responded about this way in the crf450 forum too so:

Fact: your choices are your choices. I wont judge based on what decision you make.

Fact: These substances slow your reaction time. Just because you have gambled and won so far doesn't mean your luck will continue.

Fact: While I wont judge you; if you hurt me or mine while you are under the influence your problems are just beginning. Not all of your pain will be financial.

Sorry, but I feel real strongly about this subject. This sport is dangerous enough without inventing new more spectacular ways to hurt yourself or others. Wait til the bikes put up for the day to party and we will puke together.


well said

hey dude,

If you read the post, I clearly described how 1) it was a private track 2) it was empty 3) I wasn't drunk. My point was how I discovered that just being more relaxed made a difference. Aside from that,it was just humor.

I have driven professionally over 2 million (that is 6 zeros) miles without a single accident in some of the most dangerous equipment and in some of the worst conditions you can imagine. I have no time for drunk drivers, either.

I have washed and scraped guts, blood and brain matter off my body and clothing more times than I care to remember after assisting at the scene of an accident. Want details? Like the time my own 3 and 6 year old sons watched in horror as I pulled a mangled dead man off a survivor and out of the wreckage and just dropped his body onto the road so I could help the living? "Why didn't you save him, Dad?" they wailed...

Or the poor SOB who decided to end it all by taking on the Kenworth beside me head-on with his lights out and on the wrong side of the interstate. Real pretty. I crawled in there and stupidly tried to stop the bleeding, then turn his head because he is drowning in his own blood... all I got was a hand full of brain tissue where the back of his head used to be, his heart just didn't know he was dead yet... I could go on. Lots of empty beer cans at both scenes.

My cousin is dead 'cause of a drunk driver.

My best friend died because drunk pedestrians just watched him kick his feet from beneath the cowl of his overturned jeep until he finally suffocated. One guy was all it took to rock it back on its rollbar to free him, but they were "afraid" to get involved.

Don't get on your high horse with me.

What I do on my own time, in privacy, on private property is my own business. I would no sooner ride "drunk" than get in my 18 wheeler. NO CHANCE. People in this thread are taking their own hypocracy and selves too seriously.

I think the real point should be: Whatever you do, do it responsibly.(meaning WITH regard for others if not yourself)

Well said race. I don't have a problem with the drinks at the proper time. The problem on the trails with the groups drinking, is that they are groups. With a group of friends, impaired judgement, slowed reactions and false courage will lead to disaster. I would consider myself a reasonable rider and like to push myself and my abilities at times during a ride. When with friends it is easier to push harder than normal. I would guess that this is common, this is the way we ride. To have some beers so I have the courage (lack of better judgement) to go faster while operating with reduced judgement and reflexes is just plain stupid. I could get away with it a time or two but it would catch up. In N. Michigan where I live a snowmobiler or two dies each week in the winter and alcohol is ALLWAYS involved. So for those of you that like to ride with a buzz on pull your head out of your ass and use it, and please stay away from Northern Michigan.


Hope your reply wasn't directed at me. I consider you a knowledgeable and valuable member of this board. I think I took your posts with the humor intended.

But, that doesn't change how I feel about this subject. As a professional driver I am sure you feel the same way. However, I must and will stand by my comments. If that puts us in opposition on this subject then I am sorry. We will need to agree to disagree here.


Im with Chaindrive, and you other guys as well. You shouldnt have to catch a buzz to feel "relaxed" on your bike. The thrill of riding my thumper is the best buzz I get.

Save the beers, etc., for when the bike is put away, and when the bench racin starts. You'll do yourself and everyone around you a favor.


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