BFN 09 WR450 runs terrible on the bottom.

As the others said, don't start it with the e-start when it's cold, specially at 30*. Did you ask the dealer to tell you what size jets they used? It's very important that you know what jetting specs the bike is using, so that when the weather gets better you'll have a point of reference if the bike isn't working right. Have you done all the free mods yet? If you haven't, you might want to take the time to do them, and then when the weather improves re-jet the bike so that it runs right. The jetting database thread is really helpful to get the bike running right. I'd say forget the dealer, it's much better to learn how to tune the bike yourself.

The temps warmed up to the mid 50's yesterday and she ran a LOT better. Started pretty easy and the bog (under load) was almost gone. It's supposed to warm up to 70 today, I'll give it another try, I'll bet the bog is gone.

Looks like the dealer done it right... so far.

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