just got the yz400f back...

So last winter i completely forgot to drain my gas after storing in garage. So I had the bike into the shop to have the carb cleaned, oil and filter changed, plug changed and figured i'd have the valves checked since i have no record of when it was last done. Ended up the valves needed adjusted so they did that and then started and test rode. I got there and picked it up and wanted to make sure it ran before I left. I attempted to use my normal starting drill that worked in 2-3 kicks every time and it didn't seem to work. Could the cleaned carb and reshimmed valves change my starting drill at all? Mid summer last year I added a White Bros R4 exhaust but I didn't really notice much of a difference in starting. Should I be rejetting the carb at all for the exhaust? Its just a slip-on pipe not a full exhaust. It also has Twin-Air filter.

Old Starting Drill:

2 twist of throttle (0-1 if started with in past few hours)

choke on

find tdc


1 soft kick

find tdc


1 hard kick


New Starting Drill:

no clue.....





It should still start up like always. Are you still doing the drill and its not firing? Did the dealership guys get it to light?.... I don't think I would've picked it up without hearing it run.

Yeah, they said they tested it and I also got it to fire in the parking lot but it was much harder then I remember. I guess I'll just have to do some trial and error like when i first got it. It def runs much smoother when running now with the new plug and valve adjustment.

dont twist the throtlle, and check the spark plugyou might have already flooden it

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