Jetting and Oil Burn

I finally rebuilt my top-end from a worn ring and oil seal leaking problem. Before I did the rebuild, I was working on the jetting and seemed to get it pretty darn close even with the oil leaking into the cylinder. Now that everything is working the way it should my jetting is now off.

I was wondering, from my test rides the other day, from 1/3 to 3/4 throttle, coming out of a corner and rolling on the throttle, I now get a baaahwaaa type sounds and then start to pickup speed. When you are leaking oil into the cylinder, do this create a rich or lean condition? I would think rich, but I'm not sure. The current jetting specs are in my sig below with the exception of EKP in the 4 clip position instead of the 2nd. Also the altitude is 7200 ft with about 25 degree's outside.


I run that same jetting, but on clip position #3 instead of #4...especially when riding a bit higher than Denver tracks. Try that...and you might also consider bumping up the MJ to 155 or so, as that seems pretty lean for the winter.


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