Two rides and I have a nice buckle in my front rim. Has anyone else experienced front rim damage with the Excel's? (common/not common?)

And no it wasnt from running into a wall to get rid of the brake squeel as Taffy suggested in another post... LoL :)

I completely ruined the original front on mine. I rode most of a (very rocky) 25 mile loop with a flat front tire but, don’t ask me how, was not aware of it. I attributed the funky handling and three falls to my own fatigue, I guess I sort of get tunnel vision during races. Needless to say the rim was a throw-away after that. The “tube” was in about a hundred shredded pieces and there was slime stuck all over my fender :)

Not exactly like running into a wall, but almost as stupid.

I HAD put a small ding in it before that but was able to straighten it out. If there is no crease and no real bad flat spot you can probably coax the dent out of there.

Maybe you had some loose spokes? You should really keep an eye on these, especially on new wheels/bikes. I use the “I’m not tone deaf” method, striking the spokes with the wrench and noting the flat notes as loose spokes and tighten every third. I know this method is not fool proof but I’m saving up for a spoke torque wrench (they are expensive).

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