Thinking of a new WR

dont think about it. Just do it. parts, avalibility, it is not orange. LOL

[ August 15, 2002: Message edited by: lewichris ]

I'm thinking of maybe trading in my '01 520 ktm for an '03 wr. I was wondering what kind of things the new wr's offer. I haven't had any mechanical trouble with my bike, but I have always liked the wr's. I don't have a lot of info about them.


I'm on my second wr, had a 98' and sold that and got an 01'. It's been a great bike very reliable. I know parts are a lot less for the wr. Has great suspension and I really like the brutal hit it delivers. You will want to change a few things that your KTM already comes with(ie Handlebars). The downside is that it weighs more. I'm pretty used to it now. I rode a buddy's Husky 360 the other day and it was much more "flickable" being a lighter 2 stroke.

Where do you ride? Waiporous? Mclean Creek? I ride pretty much every weekend. Send me a PM if you want maybe we could meet and swap bikes for a test ride.

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