Broken rear brake reservoir

Anyone else brake off their rear brake reservoir? One of the local dealers keeps them in stock because this seems to be a common problem. The last place I rode before I noticed it broken is the sand dunes and I cannot figure out how it got broken :). If anyone can come up with causes, fixes or solutions I would love to hear it.

Does your '02 have the integrated resevoir? I know they went to the combined reservoir in '03....regardless I would think frame guards would be your answer. I have the Works Connection on my 99....never any problems.

'03 450 - No reservoir to break :):D :D :D


I read somewhere a while back that the plastic mounts that bolt to the frame become brittle because it's so close to the exhaust pipe. I can definitely see where the extra heat and vibration of riding on the sand dunes could be the culprit.

I took some washers and a longer bolt to space it out some. Its not much but i guess it helps. Its a little farther away from the exhaust. Had the bike almost 2 years now.


No reservoir to break on the 03'.........only countless woodruff keys!!!!!!!

OK, calm down 03' owners I'm only kidden!!

Yup, mine broke off a few weeks back out at the track. I guess they get stressed from the heat from the exhaust, expanding, cooling, expanding, cooling............I just zip tied and duck taped mine to my guard. I'm cheap, and unemployed, so this is going to have to work for now.



AHH, now I see the reason for the discussion on switching to an '03 master cylinder. I have GYT-R fame guards but the stock guard covered it just as well. Dave I think you nailed it. There was nothing to knock it off at the dunes but the sand was still wet under the surface causing harsh vibration from the paddle under hard acceleration.

Cause: You hit it w/ your boot. I hadn't thought of the heat/brittleness thing, that may also play a part, but I actually broke the subframe tab on my '00 (made stronger in '01), not the reservoir itself, so I'm going with your right foot as the main culprit.

Fix: Works Connection frame guards.

Hope this helps.

Hey Dodger I already tried your zip tie fix and it failed too. Had to move up to some bailing wire I found on the ground, it seems to be holding strong :)

I had mine become brittle and it actually melted with the Power Core IV next to it. I ended up just screwing it to the stock aluminum guard. End of problem and it will never break off the frame again. This is cheaper than transplanting an '03 resevoir. TC

If you are talking about the little rear brake fluid reservoir, It may help to know that my crd frame protectors seem to hide it very well. I mean, it could break but chances are lower with those frame protectors I think.

Mine broke a while back. Here's what I did. Tie-wrapped the Reservoir to the aluminum guard and put black electric tape around it to keep it from flopping around. Back side.

It's done hundreds of desert miles with no problem and my boot hasn't cut the tape (that was my biggest concern).

Now that's quality McGivering!! Didn't think anyone was as cheap as me :)!


Dodger :D :D

:) hell, and I'm not even unemployed and I'm still cheap. LOL

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