WR450F Electric start / Neutral Switch

How do you enable the electric start to work with the bike in gear. This is to allow easy/quick start during an

enduro special test if you stalled the bike. Also does the Grey wire / Throttle stop apply to all wr's worldwide

eg Australia ?

Just pull the clutch in. It will start in gear. ---Mike

Only had one test ride , Get my bike this week end

How to get it to start in gear:

1. Remove the switch from the clutch perch.

2. Remove the wire and clutch switch.

3. Remove the 2 wire connections from the clutch switch connector behind the headlight.

4. Tape the 2 connectors together using some bare wire and electrical tape.

5. The clutch switch is now disabled and it will start in any gear.

6. Now the "blue wire" (neutral) mod can be done without issue for easier starting.

Thanks Junior Vet !!!

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