putting on new brake pads

Should the brake fluid be changed if Iam putting on new pads?

My bike is a 06 450f and I have never added or changed the fluid.

If I do need to add some or replace it what kind do I need to get or use.

BTW I dont have a bleeder tube or anything.

I change my fluids every spring. use dot4 fluid and you don`t more tools then 8mm wrench.

For the front brake you simply open up the bleeding bolt and remove the cover of the reservoir. Let the old fluid simply run through the lines while constantly adding new fluid to the reservoir so that you don´t suck air. Then you close it all up and bleed it couple of times just to make sure you don`t have any air in the system.

On the rear you simply bleed it until you have bled out all the old fluid and the fresh one has replaced it.

If you don´t know how to bleed then this is how it`s done:

pump the brake lever about 5 times -> hold pressure on the lever while opening the bleeding bolt (lever falls in) -> close the bolt and you can release the lever. Repeat.

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