how to ease clutch pull

my 03 yz 450 clutch pull kills me I lubed the motion pro cable which helped a little bit. Is there anything else I can do ?

My buddy had an old cr250 with same problem. He found this easy clutch helper that adds right to your cable. Its kind of funny looking, but it works awsome. But I cant remember who makes it. I do know that when he added it he also had to shorten the cable. Maybe google it? "easy clutch helper"

Your cable is worn out. Replace it. :thumbsup:

If you have some extra cash, you could get a rekluse. Just a thought.

Some people don't bother lubing the clutch cables because they say it makes the cables have a shorter life span.

I have never used rekluse so i can't speak for it, it sounds awesome from what i heard but from my past expierences if your getting a new clutch kit, OEM is the way to go. :thumbsup:

I would suggest a oem cable with a asv lever, that will make your clutch pull much easier.

MSR pro raptor easy pull lever. $45.

ive got em on all my bikes and would never go back. it gives you 3 selections.

I have a teflon coated cable on my bike works great. I think Sunline makes it?

what about the hydrolic clutches?

I dont know anything about them myself

just an idea

now do the make an auto clutch like the mini bikes

you just shift kinda deal.

I realy only use the clutch to take off than shift off rpms

ive had tons of bikes and no problems with this.

Yes the auto clutch is just like whats on a 50/mini. You can also override it with your clutch lever if you need to build RPM's to slip the clutch so it is not exactly the same. I agree though I only use my clutch for starting I slip it once in awhile, but never use it to shift.

Magura hydro clutch

i still think the MSR is the best bang for the buck.

you can get either a shorty or normal. even though the normal one is slightly shorter than the stocker. but it comes with the mount and lever. up to 33% reduction

went i went to a hydraulic clutch I didn't think that the pull was much different.

I put a Magura hydro clutch on my YZ450f. I love it. It does make it easyer to pull, and I find less arm pump. Track, trail, on road, off road, whatever it gets the job done. But what I like is that there is no cable to adjust ever! All your power is put right to the ground.

I agree wellsy1 the only reason I would get one would be for no more cable adjustment.

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