kouba link

Do you want to Kouba suspension link or do you want the t-handle for the fuel screw?



He wants a T-Handle.

Sorry, forgot to say T-Handle..

Been a long day :)

Go to a hobby store and buy a piece of alluminium tube with an OD of 5/16" and an ID of 3/16".

Cut off a piece about 2 inches long, drill a hole through it close to one end and epoxy a piece of brass about 1/2 " long, through the hole to make the"T". Then with a dob of silicone or locktight press the other end over the fuel screw(3/16 is a perfect really tight fit) and you're away. It only costs about $2 for a foot of the tubing and you can make 4 or 5 of them if you snap one off or bend it while messing with the carb.

I could'nt get a hold of a kouba-T over here in australia so I had to improvise. Ended up being cheaper and took about 5 minutes to make.

hope this helps.

Anyone have a extra they want to sell?


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